We are BPX

A decentralized eco-friendly blockchain based on Proof of Space and Time with smart contracts support.

BPX is the platform for several large, revolutionary and useful projects that we are working on.

Download BPX Blockchain
Full node + light wallet
v 2.0.0



BPX is a direct fork of the Chia™ Network codebase built by space farmers as a fully decentralized alternative green cryptocurrency.

BPX blockchain implements Proof of Space and Time (PoST) instead of Proof of Work (PoW), drastically reducing energy consumption. You can farm BPX coins using existing Chia K-32 plots.

It supports creating smart coins in the Chialisp language, creating asset tokens and exchanging them using Offers mechanism.

BPX support farming with OG and NFT plots for the entire 20 BPX reward. You will get the 2.5 BPX farmer reward per block immediately, and the remaining 17.5 BPX pool reward can be claimed after 7 days.

Coin name
Consensus algorithm
Proof of Space and Time
Block reward
20 BPX
Blocks per day
every 3 years

BPX has a transparent prefarm of 20M BPX which will be used to support development of BPX blockchain itself and projects working on ours blockchain, exchange listings & liquidity pools.

For the first 1,000,000 blocks, the reward is 200 BPX.

With the 5th halving, the emission of the BPX will be completely stopped, making the BPX a deflationary coin.


Proof of Space and Time
Much lower power consumption compared to GPU mining
Official pooling protocol
Smooth out your farming rewards by joining the pool
SPV wallet support
Fast, objective syncing without downloading full blockchain database
BPX token standard
Fungible tokens and NFTs
Smart coins
LISP-like language for smart-contract capabilities.



Decentralized, peer-2-peer parcel delivery service


Buy and sell physical products for crypto


Spot, DEX and P2P cryptocurrency exchange.